Read My Crap - The Temple of Sennar

The Temple of Sennar

There I was, slowly making my way up a trail on the side of a green hill, the air was fresh here, and I felt strong and confident, which showed in my large stride as I moved with purpose along the hillside. Everything around me seemed to be made of stone, the buildings, columns, the roads. It was all very Roman like and felt I had come to a time far back in antiquity.

I was on a journey, but this journey seemed to have no real purpose other than just that, a journey, but it felt like a great purpose anyway. It seemed everyone here was like that, everywhere to go, but nowhere at the same time and no one seemed to care, it was a very chill and relaxed feeling. I kept going up the trail until I saw a tunnel that led off the main path into the rock of the hill, there were tall rose granite pillars creating an entrance way into a temple, I knew I had reached at least one of my destinations, so in I went.

It was dark at first, but I could see colored light emanating from below, so I continued down into the dark until I came to a brightly lit chamber. There in the center of the room was a crystal alter with a large stone stabbed into the top of it, the stone glowed with energy, every color of the rainbow and more. There were colors here I had never seen before and were more like a feeling than something you would see with your eyes. Under the top of the alter was a large gushing fountain of crystal-clear water that flowed out of every side of the alter down into tunnels in the floor that were lined with pure gemstone. There were hallways going off in every direction made of gemstone, one of ruby, one of sapphire, etc.

The water ran under the gemstone floor, and you could see it running down the hallway, pointing like an arrow to where you needed to go. I followed the water down the deep green emerald tunnel and it led me to a series of emerald pools filled with strange beings and other humans. Some were normal like me, others were strange human animal hybrids, or beings of an unknown nature. As I walked in the vibe was amazing, all these beings and people were instantly like your best friend or a trusted family member.

There was no awkwardness, no strange judgments of beauty, shape, or form. Just a feeling of recognition and a spark of instant chemistry. These were amazing beings and when you were with them, you started to glow with a strange silver white light. This light could be held, picked up, and even eaten. You could break off a chunk of light from around your body and feast upon it. It was always delicious, and it made you feel amazing. The others would just smile at you and say “feast!” and when you did, they’d smile, shake their heads in agreement like someone that’s super stoned and say, “Groovy!” And groovy it was!

I bounced around from tub to tub having amazing conversation about things that are currently happening in the “Two-Verse”, their name for our world we are in now, the reality we all know in our waking lives. Well, here it was a bit of a joke, and basically laughed at. You see, none of those problems exist here, none of it matters, none of it did matter, or will ever matter.

Nothing bad happens here, there is no anger, no darkness, it’s always good times. It sounds insane and impossible, but you knew in your very being that it was true. There was no fear here, you did that which you wish, and it would all work out for the best. If you didn’t care for what was going on, you simply step out on the path and continue your journey. There was an endless supply of places to go and beings to meet. They all had a story, experiences plenty, entire lifetimes under their belts, and loved to tell you about it anytime you wanted to listen.

I was sitting in one of the ruby tubs when I started to feel overheated, so I sat up on the edge of the tub, above me I noticed a window, like one I would have here in my old house, yet no light was coming through it. It was kind of stuffy in the chamber so I decided I would open this window and let in some of that awesome fresh air. But it led to a completely different realm, through the window you could see a huge forest landscape with trees as big around as an entire earth city. They went off into the distance for miles and miles. In the trees you could see villages of folks going about their business.

“Taking a peek, huh?”, called out a friendly voice from the trees and then there he was, a strange lion/ant man, creature, guy. “what’ve we got here?”, he said inquisitively as he peered into my window.

“Oh! I dig it, nice place, my man!”, he said. “It’s usually more difficult for twoby’s to create that kind of surface, but I have to say I’m impressed, that’s very nice, I might have to come by with my people for a dip”, “you sure seem to have a thing for hot tubs, but that’s cool, as you can see, I really like trees. The woods are my friends, and they can be your friend too if you’d like. I know it seems daunting and massive now, but you’ll figure it out once you’ve been here long enough. The name’s Marsh, Marsh Durbin, it’s good to meet you, Mr. Neville, I hope to see you again here soon, but for now, enjoy your tubs! Farewell!”

And like a bolt of lightning, he was back up in his trees, far above my tiny window. I wanted to go with him, but I couldn’t seem to get out the window. I wanted to feel that beautiful green grass on my feet, but it was like trying to stick a hot dog through the eye of needle, I could easily fit, yet I couldn’t get through. Suddenly everyone in the ruby room erupts with laughter, apparently watching me try to get through the window was extremely humorous to the residents.

“Relax, my friend”, said one of the half-horse men, “one day you will be ready, but not now. You still have much to do, whether you know it or not, but if you’d like another experience you can handle, I suggest continuing down the main path to the horse caves. There my people will welcome you and show you a wonderful time. You should go, now.”

And there I was, like I had been teleported. I was standing outside of a large natural cave system which I would usually fear to enter, but as before, here there was no fear and I walked right in. The walls were crystal and you could see visions of the horse people in the walls. They existed behind this crystal barrier and didn’t seem to be able to come over to my side. It was like being taken on a tour through a zoo, it seemed you were just there to observe these horse folks. They were telepathic, they did not talk, you just heard the voices in your head and they could hear you. They lead me down the tunnel to a stable where they said I could stay for as long as I wished. The hay they had here could be anything I wanted, food, water, light, or energy.

Ok, I guess I can take a night in the stables with the horse folks. So, I did, many of them approached the walls and would drink their strong ales as they told me the stories of their people. They enjoyed my nature and said that if I so chose, one day I would be welcome to join them, and my hooves would always be welcome there with the horse kind. Good to know! I knew in my heart that I would see these folks again, I was glad to know them!

I was led out of the caves by the kind horse folk and was told it was almost time for me to go, but before, I was to go back to the gemstone caves to meet “Sennar”, an entity that drew its great power from the Stone of Sennar, the large colorful rock I had seen on that alter In the gemstone caves. I would not see him, but I would feel him, and he would direct me back to where I needed to be. So, I headed back down the path towards the gemstone caves, once I arrived there was a line of colorfully dressed beings holding tall poles with flags upon them awaiting me.

I was treated like royalty, placed in rainbow colored robes and brought into an empty chamber but for one rock table in the middle which a pilar of light shown down upon. I was overwhelmed by a feeling of warmth and sheer delight. I was in the presence of Sennar, it was time. I walked to the table and there in the middle was a fortune cookie, wrapped in plastic, just like you’d get at any cheap Chinese take-out. So, I reached down and grabbed it off the table and tore into it.

There was one line of text and a strange symbol that seemed to glow, it was a form of writing like none other. It conveyed not just a message, but emotions, memory, energy, maybe even life itself. It was the gateway for me to return home.

The small line of text read as follows:

“Patrick Neville, we await you.”

And I woke up needing to pee very badly. What a journey!