Balls Capone is:

Patrick Neville - Guitars, Vocals

Jimmy Lauscher - Guitars, Vocals

Dave Smith - Bass, Vocals

Evan Powell - Drums, Vocals

A group of musicians that originally met through an open jam at a local bar called The Woodshed (RIP). We knew each other and had played together at the jam here and there, but never in a group or anything. Then in 2014, a mutual friend hired Pat, Max, and Jimmy to perform together in a local version of the Broadway play "One Man Two Guv'nors" in which a live band was needed to play 60's style skiffle music that happens during the play. Well, friendships were forged, bonds made, and after the play, everyone was kind of down that we didn't have that band anymore. So we all went back to the jams at the Woodshed and went on. Then in late 2015, Patrick Neville decided he wanted to record his own album of his original songs and created a band to do the recording. Max and Jimmy were available from the original Skiffle band, but the original drummer from the band was already involved in a professional project and was unavailable, so we hired Son Of Ian drummer, Evan Powell, as Pat had played with him for years and knew of his great skills. As we practiced to record the album, things began to take shape into something other than just a recording project and a new band was formed, Balls Capone. Once again, friendships were forged, bonds were made, and after almost a year of weekly practice, the album was created! What was once formed to just be a basic recording project was now a full fledged band. We began doing live shows and are now building a fan base here locally. The album is just the first step in what is hopefully a long and fruitful musical project for all involved.  And long a fruitful it has been!  But after 5 years our friend and bassist Max decided it was time to move on to other projects and seek his adventure in the realms of heavy and death metal, which are his favorite, we shall miss his unique style and creativity he brought to our project and we wish him great success in his new projects.  So, we were without bass for a few months there in 2021, but soon auditions were held and another veteran of the old Woodshed Jam, Dave Smith answered our call.  We had a jam and the answer was obvious, he was stoked to join up, and we were stoked to have him on board.  So it goes with bands, members come, members go, but Balls Capone lives on!  On to the next chapter!

How would you describe "Balls Capone?"

Well, we start out soft, easing it in like the touch of an old lover. We'll warm your hearts and souls with reminders of older times with our 60's and 70's folk-rock sound. As we progress, things will take a bit of a heavier turn as we morph into more of a late 70's rock project with face melting solos and heartbreaking lyrics that will make your mother cry but wanna rock at the same time. After poking a bit of fun at Richard Nixon and those of his ilk, you'll be shocked (and possibly appalled) as we turn into Mullets and go full on greasy 80's Butt Rock, which we then shed in an instant for fedoras and checkered socks as we board a Jazzy cruise ship, but Tom Waits is the captain, and he quickly runs us upon a grungy 90's reef made of JNCO jeans and overly large flannel shirts, where we slowly sink into the jazz ocean, like dropping a harsh dry chunk of nugget into smooth caramel and then glazing it with delicious musical chocolate. "Is that the same band?", you'll think, as we rapidly change from era to era and from genre to genre. Have you stumbled into some kind of musical time warping nexus of insanity? No, my friends, you're just simply experiencing that which is Balls Capone.