We Killed it Tonight!

I’m damn proud of my band tonight, we’ve gotten to a place that’s hard to reach, the place where you know your shit so well that you can just show up and play. Before tonight we hadn’t really practiced in a month. Between people out of town and such it just happened that way. But did I need to declare an emergency? No. My band shows up and knows what to do. It’s a blessing I’m eternally grateful for, because it’s not easy, and for the last couple years I was going back and forth whether playing music was worth it at all anymore. Well those days are over, I feel renewed, like Mario getting the big mushroom and smashing his enemies. I could have given up, I could have let my inner lofus win and not tried, I could have let it all go like a dumb ass. But I didn’t, I held on and kept going even when I felt like I had no strength left, but as usual, it was just a phase and this time I passed through the eye without destruction, which is unheard of. I feel different, I feel good again. I’m an artist, this shit just happens and I finally understand that it is what it is and it ain’t gonna stop. But I can’t wait to see what comes next!