New Music!

New music coming soon!  Another track down for the analog vinyl project, one more to go.  We're hoping to finish it off mid July and it get it sent out for final mastering and pressing right after that!  It is coming true, the goal is within sight and today we kicked one hell of a song down that field!  I'm proud of this one and I can't wait to get it done so all of you can hear what we've been doing for the last couple years.  It's been a ride, I'll tell you what.  This record really feels like the culmination of feelings from the last two and a half years.  It's more aggressive and pissed off for sure, I mean, who wouldn't be these days?  It's been a rough ride for us all and I feel like this record has really captured a lot of those feelings.  It's very different from anything we've put out before, so I'm very excited for this one.  Thanks for sticking with us through all the hard times and there is a LOT more Balls Capone to come, so be sure to check back often.  I try to upload as much content as I can, within reason of course.  Anyway, thanks for listening.