Balls Capone Video - Sleazeball Ballet

Balls Capone Video!  With Balls Capone Video you can watch us in our space where we create and craft our tunes.  Here is brand new tune straight from the assembly line, soon we will be heading back to Archive Recording in North Salt Lake, Utah to lay this one down on tape for the new Vinyl project!  Yes, a new Balls Capone record, but this time recorded ALL analog and will be going to vinyl, which is something we've wanted to do for a very long time.  Since this pestilence hit, we've really been locked down in what we can accomplish live.  So why not buckle down, write a new record, and do which we've always wanted?  So it shall come to pass, come hell or high water!  The pestilence will not kill our creativity that easily, we can still make music and share without putting anyone at risk or contracting that which is evil.

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Jage N.

Hell yeah!!

Hoo F.

Kick Ass!  Love it!