Balls Capone - Bloodlust Insanity

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    Balls Capone - Bloodlust Insanity
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Brand New Song!  Recorded 11/1/2020!  All analog from 2 inch tape to 1/4 inch tape, of course a bounce to internet land, but it's all new and is just a taste of what's to come!  Feel free to listen and share all you like, this on is on us!  Enjoy!

Update:  Remixed to tape 11/16 by Wes Johnson and Patrick Neville.  Brought up the vocals and bass tracks as requested by many listeners.  Thank you for your awesome feedback, we are always open to making our music better!

Recorded at Archive Recording with Wes Johnson in North Salt Lake, Utah.

Copyright 2020 Balls Capone

Hoo F.

Kick Ass!!!