The Origin of Sleazeball Ballet

The Origin of Sleazeball Ballet
Someone asked me why Sleazeball Ballet, why did I name my album that and what does it even mean? Well, it's pretty easy, have you ever gone to someones BBQ, drank too much and puked all over their kitchen? Or smoked too much and unloaded an entire large pizza on someone's rug? Or maybe peed in a closet you thought was the bathroom and got punched in the face for it? Or maybe had an asshole tweaker roommate that you waited to go to sleep on the couch, and then peed on them? Or maybe drank too much at someones birthday party and hosed down the bars lounge area with used PBR and bile? How about made out with someone who just was or is still currently vomiting? Or maybe drank too much southern comfort and root beer and ended up waking up on the front lawn in your undies? All of these are dances at the Sleazeball Ballet. I've danced my fair share, that's for sure, and so has probably nearly everyone at one time or another.
"We've all been there, so you might as well go, and it's off to the Sleazeball Ballet!"
Ever get greedy and burn someone on a deal? You're dancing. Ever purposely sabotaged someone or something? You're twisting and twirling in the Sleazeball Ballet.
The Scumbag Yard Sale was inspired by true events, just as the Sleazeball Ballet is. In 2001, my drunk neighbor Simon and I decided to set up his dirty old Tiki bar on the parkstrip of 8th South and 4th East in downtown Salt Lake City and get wasted. As not to get busted, we set out a bunch of old broken junk in the yard that Simon had in his basement. Now it's a yardsale, so no, officer, we're not selling any booze at all, if you buy something, you get Boone's Farm or a shot of this terrible rock bottom shelf whiskey!
There we sat day and night, drinking oceans of PBR and cheap whiskey, selling junk to greasy scumbags so they could have a shot. The Scumbag Yardsale was open 24 hours for those 2 or 3 days and we almost sold all the crap. Hard to believe we got away with it for so long, but we did! It ended when we ended up selling the Tiki bar itself to our final customer and we staggered back into our houses to sleep it off. Ahh, memories.
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