TeePublic SUCKS - Rip Off Artists and Straight Up Thieves

TeePublic SUCKS - Rip Off Artists and Straight Up Thieves

Well, I guess I just can't win with these guys. Teepublic deleted the Balls Capone merch site AGAIN, for no reason and once again, stole any of the money I had made on sales.  Same thing as last time, they've now stolen all the profit from every shirt I sold through them, I never saw a dime, yet many shirts were sold and went out to very satisfied customers. I even had it all marked as "adult" or whatever their dumb guidelines say. Oh well, I gave them the chance to make this right, and they screwed me in the ass again. So fuck TeePublic, don't buy anything from that shit place, and if you use them, consider going to another place. They don't give two shits about you and have no problems stealing from you when they feel like it. They are nothing but Rip off artists and scoundrels, I hope their factory burns down and no one dies, but it ruins these fucks.

In my mind they're straight up thieves and should be prosecuted as such.  Don't use them or support them, come over to Reward Music to sell your merch where not only will they never Censor or delete your designs, but help you get all set up, and then let you keep much more of the money than TeeFlublic ever did.  Plus, Reward Music would never rip off and hurt their artists, they are here to help.  They do the exact same thing as TeePublic, but better, and it is geared to help you grow as an artist.  I am so glad I got set up over here or I would be left with my balls swinging in the wind again.  Man, I'm pissed, but relieved to have all my merch secured on a new and much better platform.

Reward Music > TeePublic

Don't use Teepublic, ever, at all, you will regret it, I know I sure do.

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Steven V.

Your first orders started shipping today!

Balls Capone

Rad!  Thanks for letting me know!

Andrea V

Oh man, so sorry to hear that it happened again! 

Know that Reward is thrilled to be in the Balls Capone merch business :) 

Balls Capone

Thank you, you guys are really the best!  I'm thrilled to be somewhere built by people who are awesome artists themselves and know the struggle!