The Search is Over! Welcome Mr. Dave Smith on Bass!

The Search is Over!  Welcome Mr. Dave Smith on Bass!

Looks like we got ourselves a bass player! We're honored to have Dave Smith stepping in to play with us here at Balls Capone. We had a jam on Monday with this fine fellow and it just clicked and sounded great! The choice was obvious and therefore was made immediately. So we're stoked to have him on board and to get to work on getting him up to speed, booking some new gigs, and getting back into the studio to record the new stuff!  And there is new stuff coming down the pipe for Balls Capone, so stay tuned!  We're very excited about this new addition to our lineup and can't wait to produce more tight and killer rock and roll music for all yall.  Thank you all for sticking with us during this time, it always seems darkest before the dawn.  I also have a little treat for everyone that I will upload very soon!  So keep checking back, it's gonna be cool.  Thank you all for being part of Balls Capone, we love you all!