Good News, Everyone: Auditions have begun!

Good News, Everyone:  Auditions have begun!

It has taken a couple months to get every arranged and finalized, but auditions for our new Bassist have begun and we're finding some awesome talent so far!  This is very encouraging and we've already found some great players that are on the level and the list is beginning to narrow.  It shouldn't be long now!  We're humbled and frankly blessed by all the applications we have received so far, it's a cool feeling to know so many awesome players want to come join us in what we do.  The money might not be amazing, but making music music sure is, and that's important in this day and age.  So we're excited to get back on the musical trail, practice up, get tight as a drum again, and start doing shows and finishing off the analog album, which is actually almost half done anyway.  So it will kind of be a transitional album from Old Balls to new New Balls.  The Upgrade album if you will, from 1.0 to 2.0.  We're excited for the future of our project and the new music coming down the pipeline.  Stay tuned for more!

Patrick N. Neville

Balls Capone